New JSB Jumbo Monsters Coming Soon

The famous Czech pellet manufacturer has announced some big news. There’s a range of new JSB Jumbo Monsters coming soon!

JSB anticipates they will be shipping these new pellets shortly after the 2024 SHOT Show. That would likely mean availability in stores in March or April (HAM’s guess).

Given the ever-increasing number of high power .22 caliber PCP air rifles, JSB is clearly concentrating on satisfying market demand in this segment with four new introductions.

These are:
– Jumbo Monster Redesigned Deep Skirt, 25.39 Grain
– Jumbo Monster Redesigned Shallow Skirt, 25.39 Grain
– Jumbo Monster Grand, 28.55 Grain
– Hades Monster 25.39 Grain

The Redesigned Deep Skirt JSB Jumbo Monsters are a return to the original “Redesigned” pattern, with deep, thin skirts. With a head size specification of 5.52 mm, they will be available in 200- and 350-count tins.

New JSB Jumbo Monsters Coming Soon

The “Redesigned, Shallow Skirt” JSB Jumbo Monsters are the same as current production. However – again – they are available in 200-count and 350-count tins.

Then there’s the Jumbo Monster GRAND! This has a whopping weight of 28.55 Grains, combined with 5.52 mm head diameter. It will be available in 200-count tins.

JSB says that the Jumbo Monster GRANDs will deliver improved downrange ballistics.

Now for a heavyweight Hades! The 25.39 Grain Hades Monsters will be a new model with a longer skirt than the existing 15.89 Grain 5.5 mm diameter pellets

Finally, there’s a new version of the .177 caliber KnockOut slugs. These “Mark Three” slugs have a larger, deeper hollow point combined with a skirt that JSB says improves accuracy.

Expect to see these new pellets (and slugs) available from your regular JSB supplier in the near future…