New Labradar LX Doppler Radar Chronograph Announced

The new Labradar LX doppler radar chronograph is another entry into the rapidly-growing portable chrony market. It has been developed by the Canadian company that produced the “Gold Standard” Labradar unit that is used by HAM for all our pellet Ballistic Coefficient testing.

The Labradar LX is far smaller and lighter than the original Labradar. Judging from the “aiming tube” on top of the unit, it will likely be easier to point easily in the correct direction.

New Labradar LX Doppler Radar Unit Announced

As with the original Labradar, the LX model has an accuracy specification claim of +/- 0.1%. That means a reading accuracy between a minimum of 999 FPS and a maximum of 1,001 FPS for an actual shot of 1,000 FPS.

That’s certainly accurate enough for airgun testing!

Compared to the original Labradar, the LX measures an increased range of Muzzle Velocities. The specs are from 65 FPS to 5,000 FPS. The original model tops-out at 3,900 FPS.

Again like the original model, it displays data for average velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread and maximum/minimum velocity in a shot string. It also can be used with the same Bluetooth mobile app, should you want to connect to your phone.

Unlike the original Labradar, the LX is small and compact. It measures just 2.5 x 2.75 x 2.75 Inches. It also has a metal case and there’s a built-in, long-lasting rechargeable battery. It’s supplied with a mini-tripod and USB charging cable.

However, the LX only gives one downrange velocity to about 15-20 Yds. It is primarily meant to be used for IPSC, IDPA and similar competitions were they need to calculate Power Factor in front of the muzzle.

This compares to the five downrange velocities that are available from every shot with the existing Labradar unit.

Availability of the Labradar LX is scheduled for March 20 – April 3 2024. The MSRP is $599.95. That compares to $499.95 for the original model – which still remains available.