New LCS SK-19 Support Videos – O Ring Replacement And Tuning

Airguns of Arizona has posted two new LCS SK-19 support videos. One covers O ring replacement, the other tuning.

New LCS SK-19 Support Videos - O Ring Replacement And Tuning

Don from AoA does a good job in these videos with his clear, easy-to-understand style. Added to the other LCS SK-19 support videos, there is now a good body of background on this popular new air rifle. Both existing and prospective owners will be pleased with this material.

Although LCS Air Arms specifically advises owners not to try servicing the SK-19 themselves, there are some things that can be done, as we see here…

In the first video, Don shows us how to replace five O rings in the SK-19. These o rings are associated with the pressure gauges, power adjuster and HPA bottle.

These are all simple jobs, yet could be useful for the owner to fix a potential minor leak. With the aid of this support video, an owner may very well be able to avoid having to return his/her air rifle to the country distributor by doing the job themselves.

New LCS SK-19 Support Videos - O Ring Replacement And Tuning

Usefully, Don explains how to remove the “lower” from the SK-19. After the conclusion of the O ring replacement, he also shows clearly how to reinstall the lower at the completion of the job.

The tuning and setup video is simpler, but no less important. Here Don stresses the need for owners to NOT adjust the regulator, which is factory-set to 140 bar (2,030 PSI). All power changes are best made simply by rotating the power adjuster wheel, he explains.

This is one of those “slow burn” videos! It’s really worth watching through to the end as Don explains his experience and recommendations for tuning and using the SK-19 air rifle.

LCS SK-19 Air Rifle