New MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 First Focal Plane Scope Launched Today

The brand new MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 first focal plane riflescope is being unveiled today at the 2018 SHOT Show. MTC claims that this new scope brings all the benefits of a first focal plane (FFP) reticle at a retail price usually associated with cheaper, second focal plane scopes.

MTC Optics says that this new model has been designated ‘F1’ to mark its lenses’ superior optical configuration. The company also tells HAM that they expect the MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 will prove popular with shooters who favor the less complicated sight picture offered by FFP scopes.

A major benefit of First FOcal Plane scopes is that the relationship between target and crosshair size remains constant throughout the scope’s entire magnification range. This is particularly advantageous when allowing hold-over and hold-under on targets – scenarios aided further by MTC’s multi-stadia SCB2 crosshair that provides numerous aiming points to counter trajectory and windage deviation.

The MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 is click-stop adjustable in 1/4 MOA increments via lockable, finger-adjustable elevation and windage turrets. It can also be illuminated to one of six intensity settings to deal with any lighting condition in the field or on the range.

The new MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 scope also offers sidewheel parallax adjustment – from infinity down to 10 Metres – to eliminate aiming errors and assist in range estimation.

To maximise light transmission and maintain a bright sight picture, the specially-coated lenses of the 50mm diameter objective have been matched to an oversize, 30mm tube – and besides a fast-focus eye-piece, says MTC Optics.

US Pricing for the MTC Cobra 4-16×50 F1 is yet to be established. However the scope also includes flip-up lens covers and, conditional to website registration, a five-year warranty.