New MTC Optics Copperhead F2 Safari Riflescope

If you are lucky enough to have an air rifle in “Safari” trim, you will certainly be interested in the new MTC Optics Copperhead F2 Safari riflescope.

With this Safari scope, MTC Optics has provided an unusual and interesting compliment to the Safari editions of airguns from sister companies BRK and Daystate. This includes the Daystate Alpha Wolf, Red Wolf and Huntsman Revere models, together with the BRK Sniper XR Magnum.

MTC Optics Copperhead F2 Safari Riflescope

To explore the combination, I mounted the Copperhead F2 Safari riflescope onto a Safari-finish Huntsman Revere. The result was very pleasing, as you can see from these photographs!

Specifically, the Copperhead F2 Safari riflescope has a 4-16 x 44 optical configuration, combined with MTC Optics’ AMD2 reticle and a 30 mm tube. This makes the Safari very similar in use to the standard Copperhead F2 that was introduced in 2023.

The reticle’s hash and dot marks are quite comprehensive, but not overwhelming – as we can see from the close-up below. Of course – as a Second Focal Plane scope, the mil readings are true at one magnification. That’s 10 power.

MTC Optics Copperhead F2 Safari Riflescope

Size-wise, the Copperhead Safari is a compact scope that compliments the air rifles it’s designed to fit.

The length is just under 11 Inches and the weight just over 24 Ounces.

The elevation and windage turrets both have MIL click adjustments. Plus there’s side parallax adjustment down to 11 Yards (10 Meters). The outer ring of the parallax adjustment turret is used to control the red illuminated reticle.

The heavy duty scope rings I used to attache the scope to the gun are also MTC products. In fact, they are a pair of MTC Optics BluePrint fully adjustable rings. Available for 11 mm dovetail – as here – and Picatinny versions, these 30 mm rings offer both height and tilt adjustment.

They definitely made a very strong mounting solution, together with the potential for considerable adjustability when sighting-in.

Bothe the scope and rings are available now at Airguns of Arizona.

MTC Optics Copperhead Safari 4-16 x 44
MTC Optics BluePrint 30mm Scope Mount