New Omega Pocket Charger Battery HPA Compressor

The new Omega Pocket Charger is a tiny battery-powered HPA compressor that provides the capacity to fill bottle- and tube-equipped PCP air rifles and pistols.

The battery-powered design provides portability and the ability to top-off a PCP air rifle in the field, without the need to connect to a car, or other 12 Volt DC battery. In fact, the batteries are compatible with 18 Volt Makita tool batteries that are used for many power tools.

The Pocket Charger is supplied complete with one 18 Volt battery and an appropriate charger that connects to a 100 Volt mains supply.

New Omega Pocket Charger Battery HPA Compressor

With a weight of 16 Lbs, including the battery, the air-cooled Omega Pocket Charger is light by HPA compressor standards. At an approximate size of 10 x 5 x 10 Inches, it’s also very compact.

Another major attraction is the low price. It’s just $339.99 at Airguns of Arizona.

The maximum output pressure is 4,500 PSI. So it’s capable of attaining the maximum fill pressure of pretty-well any PCP air rifle in the market today.

Airguns of Arizona says that every Omega compressor is fully tested and prepped before delivery to the customer. That, plus a 12-month warranty and AoA’s support, gives security to the purchaser.

Of course, with an HPA compressor at this price, there are bound to be some limitations. Primarily these relate to the lack of automatic controls. But this may not be a big issue for many users.

The Omega Pocket Charger has a manual shutoff and manual moisture bleed. So you’ll have to pay attention to these things yourself. However, given the majority use of this type of compressor is topping-up part-filled airguns, that’s unlikely to be an issue as the run times will be quite short.

New Omega Pocket Charger Battery HPA Compressor

Ease of transportation is enhanced by the provision of a carrying handle and the Pocket Charger’s connecting hose terminates in a female “Foster” quick disconnect.

Omega Pocket Charger Portable Air Compressor