New Products from Ramus Technologies

Ramus Technologies is the name for a range of new products being introduced by serial airgun innovator Tom Granberg.

Tom’s past airgun-related products included the Windmeister wind direction indicator and it’s successor the Windmeister JR-T2.

Since then, Tom has moved forward with a range of products, including the Trident Airgun Moderator. This uses sophisticated materials that are designed to self-destruct under high pressure found in cartridge firearms. This key feature assures the Trident moderators are truly for airgun use only.

New Products from Ramus Technologies

Another benefit of the Trident series is that they are assembled from the lightest weight aircraft grade alloy. This drastically reduces the point of impact changes that can happen with heavier moderators.

At Extreme Benchrest in October 2021, Ramus Technologies were showing a number of additional products.

One is a flat forearm extender for use with bottle guns when used for benchrest shooting. Named Retio, this forearm extender is of modular design and can be supplied with Arca or Picatinny fit plates.

It’s also available with an optional range bag, as shown here mounted on a Brocock air rifle.

New Products from Ramus Technologies

The Letio forked forearm extender is another new Ramus Technologies product that’s designed for use with bottle guns. This model is intended to be used for mounting bipods at a position of better balance further forward than would be available on the gun’s built-in lower rail.

Other new products were two interestingly-designed scope mounts. The Retinete is a single-piece model, while the Pugnus comprises two-piece rings.

There’s more information about the Trident Moderator in this video.

Ramus products are available at Airguns of Arizona.

Trident Airgun Moderator With Flip Compensator