New RTI P-3, Weihrauch Developments, H&N Ammo And More From IWA 2023

Today we’re taking a look at new developments from a range of European airgun companies at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 show. Let’s start with the new RTI P-3 air rifle…

HAM has been impressed with RTI products since we tested the RTI Prophet Performance in 2021. The Prophet Performance was a HAM Gold Award winner. The RTI P-3 builds on this with an enhanced range of features and performance.

Jakob Boucina from RTI showed me the latest developments from the Slovenian company. That’s Jakob in our heading photograph above with the P-3. Among the improvements is a new valve and receiver, as shown in this cutaway.


In fact, apart from the P-3, RTI was also showing another forthcoming new model. It’s to be called “Mora”. Jakob explained that’s the Slovenian word for “nightmare”. Nightmare, that is, for the target downrange!

Here it is…

As you can see, the Mora is another sidelever-cocking, regulated PCP with a very hefty silencing shroud around that barrel. More details are to follow, but here’s a close-up. Note the interesting trigger blade!

Together with the RTI P-3, the company now has a fairly extensive range of powerful PCP air rifles, including those in the rack below.


Weihrauch has been manufacturing air rifles at full capacity throughout 2022. However they still have made some of the incremental product improvements that characterizes the company’s product development.

Below the owner, Hans Weihrauch, shows us the latest iteration of the HW100 PCP air rifle. You can read an interesting HAM interview with Herr Weihrauch from a few years ago here.


There’s also a new stock for the HW110, seen in this photograph of the PCP range, below.


And here we have a close-up. Very nice!

Meanwhile, Weihrauch also continues perfecting the breakbarrel range.  Thilo Schallenkammer showed us the new latest version of the HW 98, again with a stylish new stock.

Both RTI and Weihrauch products are available in the USA from Airguns of Arizona, of course.

On the ammo front, H&N were showing their latest pellets and slugs. HAM has already carried the announcement about these, but it’s still good to see the ammo “in the flesh”, as it were.

Here we have the company’s new .30 caliber slugs…

H&N Ammo And More From IWA 2023

… together with the new Baracuda 8 .177 caliber pellets. Thanks to Joerg Siemens of H&N Sport for being such an outstanding hand model!!!

H&N Ammo And More From IWA 2023

Finally for this report, we can show a couple of PCP air rifles from another Slovenian company that was new to me, at least.

Lovec Airguns is producing a range of PCPs, including this long gun version…

In .25 caliber, the specs are for 32 regulated shots per fill at 59 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber.

There’s also bullpup models, as we see in the close-up below.

Lovec Airguns is a brand that’s just emerging. We’ll bring you more details as we have them…