New RTI Prophet II Launched At IWA

First there was the Priest. Then came the Prophet. Now the new RTI Prophet II has been launched at the 2022 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Nuremberg.

Thanks to the company, HAM is able to bring you details of this new model from the Slovenian company.

In fact, there’s actually two versions of the RTI Prophet II. The regular, full-length Prophet II has a 24-Inch barrel in all calibers except for .177. (Then it’s 20 Inches long). The Prophet II Compact is fitted with a 19.7 Inch barrel in all calibers.

New RTI Prophet II Launched At IWA

There’s a difference of carbon fiber HPA bottles, too. The full length model has a choice of 320 cc or 500 cc bottles. The Compact has a 220 cc bottle. All accept a maximum fill pressure of 4,350 PSI (300 bar) and have regulator pressures of between 1,150 and 2,600 PSI (80 – 180 bar).

As with the existing Prophet, the Prophet II is available in four calibers: .177, .22, .25 and .30. Here’s a summary of the specifications.

 .177 Caliber.22 Caliber.25 Caliber.30 Caliber
Maximum Power - Full Length37 Ft/Lbs65 Ft/Lbs77 Ft/Lbs100 Ft/Lbs
Maximum Power - Mini37 Ft/lbs55 Ft/Lbs74 Ft/Lbs92 Ft/Lbs
Magazine Capacity1412107

RTI explains that the Prophet II includes a number of improvements over the current model. These include a new breech block with a 70ccm plenum integrated into it.

In addition, there is a new valve. This makes cocking easier and – being more efficient – provides a higher power output.

RTI is also introducing some new accessories for the Prophet II. One is a long bipod extension rail, as you can see in the photograph. There’s also a choice of two silencers – one in Aluminum, the other a lighter, carbon fiber device.

New RTI Prophet II Launched At IWA

These new silencers have become available since the Slovenian government made a change to the country’s Weapons Act in summer 2021. Until then, all silencers were banned – even those for airguns, RTI explains. Now they’re available from the RTI Arms factory with this new model.

As HAM readers will remember, Hard Air Magazine tested the RTI Prophet in January 2021. We loved it and it earned a Gold Award on test with a score of 95% – that’s one of the highest scores we’ve ever awarded to a PCP air rifle.

Yes, the Prophet is that good! We’re expecting the Prophet II to be even a touch better!

New RTI Prophet II Launched At IWA

There’s no availability date yet for the RTI Prophet II in the USA. However, Airguns of Arizona will have it available once shipping commences.