New Selective Fire Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP Air Rifle

The Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP air rifle is the latest model from the U.S. brand. It’s available in .22 caliber, .25 cal and .30 cal. and offers selective fire (choice of semi- and full-automatic) capability.

Hard Air Magazine readers first heard about the Sidewinder in August 2022. The big news – Western Airguns tells HAM – is that the Sidewinder is now in series production. The initial shipments are already on their way to dealers, they say.

The Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP air rifle has many similarities to the HAM Gold-Award-winning big bore Rattler. However, there’s a major improvement in that it uses a detachable magazine.

Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP Air Rifle

The magazine itself is of two-piece design. Precision-manufactured from steel, the cover plate is attached to the main rotor magnetically. Once it’s removed, pellets or slugs are simply dropped into the empty chambers.

Once full, the cover plate is snapped back into place. The magazine is then pushed into the gun’s magazine well and locked in place with the small knurled handle.

Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP Air Rifle

CaliberMagazine CapacityMuzzle EnergyShots Per Fill
.2215Up to 50 ft/LbsUp to 75
.2515Up to 60 Ft/LbsN/a
.3012Up to 90 Ft/LbsUp to 50

As with the Rattler, the Sidewinder has a velocity control wheel that regulates pellet or slug speeds. Accuracy with both slug and pellet ammo is provided by a regulated action and a USA ‐ made TJ hammer forged barrel.

Western Airguns tells HAM that they are seeing excellent accuracy and faultless feeding with both slugs and pellets.

Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP Air Rifle

The AR compatible grip allows for shooter customization for a comfortable fit. A bottom rail for bipod mounting is rigidly mounted beneath the 580cc HPA bottle.

The Sidewinder’s picatinny scope rail is mounted on top of a full length tactical barrel cover that accepts side rails for accessories like lasers, red dots or lights.

Again like the Rattler, the new Sidewinder has two safeties. The trigger safety is on the right side of the gun. In addition, there’s a primary safety on the left that also selects semi- or full-automatic fire.


Western Airguns has also announced this list of Precision Airgun Distribution stocking dealers around the country (and in Mexico). Check with them for availability of the Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP air rifle near you. The MSRP is $1,999.99.

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