New Seneca Eagle Claw Air Rifle Announced

Newly arrived at Pyramyd Air is the Seneca Eagle Claw PCP air rifle. In fact, there’s two models, the full-length Eagle Claw air rifle and the Eagle Claw carbine, which is around 4 Inches shorter.

The carbine is also about a Pound lighter than the rifle. This saving is due to the shorter barrel and smaller HPA tank. Sure, you’ll get less power and shots per fill from the carbine, but Pyramyd Air tells us that many users will be happy with this trade-off in return for the improved handling provided by the carbine.

Both Eagle Claw models have a lever action operating the multi-shot magazine. Pyramyd Air is positioning them as suitable for backyard airgun hunting and pest control, with the ability to fire a rapid follow-up shot if necessary in less than a second.

New Seneca Eagle Claw Air Rifle Announced

The barrel is shrouded and there’s a power adjustment capability. The Indonesian Walnut stocks are designed for right-handed use and there’s a Picatinny rail atop the receiver for scope mounting.

Pyramyd Air quotes a maximum Muzzle Energy of 51 Ft/Lbs for the .22 cal Seneca Eagle Claw air rifle. It’s 70 Ft/Lbs for the .25 cal version. As you would expect, the equivalents for the carbine are less due to the shorter barrel. Here the claim is up to 43 Ft/Lbs for the .22 and 64 Ft/Lbs for the .25 caliber gun.

The fill pressure of 3,000 PSI and “Foster” quick disconnect fitting are both sensible industry standards adopted for this design. HAM is also pleased to see that the pressure gauge is located in the underside of the stock so that there’s no need to peer down the barrel to check the remaining PSI in the tube.

The mag holds 10 pellets in .22 caliber and 8 shots in .25 cal. Interestingly, there’s no .177 caliber version available. That’s a sure sign of the decreasing interest in the small caliber among PCP air rifle buyers in the US market.

The Street Price for both rifle and carbine is $799.99. Additional magazines are available at $19.99 each.

The manufacturer is claiming up to 28 shots per fill of HPA in .22 caliber and up to 24 shots in .25 cal. for the rifle.

Surprisingly, perhaps, there’s no mention of a regulator. However this may be less of an issue to hunters who need only a relatively small number of shots per fill.

Seneca Eagle Claw, Lever Action PCP Air Rifle 0.25

Seneca Eagle Claw Carbine, Lever Action PCP 0.25