New SIG Airgun Pellets

There’s a range of new SIG airgun pellets becoming available. There’s three types in both .177 and .22 calibers and you can see them on the SIG website.

SIG Venom Lead pellets have a domed head. They have a weight of 7.87 Grains in .177 caliber and 14.5 Grains in .22.

New SIG Airgun Pellets

The pellets are blister packed for hanging display in physical stores and there’s a foam disk to retain the pellets in place and stop them becoming damaged in transit.

New SIG Airgun Pellets

In addition, there’s also the new SIG Dagger Lead pellets. These have a “spire dome” form – rather more pointed than the Venoms and weigh 10.03 Grains in .177 and 16.60 Grains in .22 caliber.

There’s also the rather curiously-named SIG Zero Lead pellets. Despite the name, these are not lead-free pellets, but are actually made of lead. They have a semi-hollowpoint design and are obviously intended for hunting by providing a mushrooming effect on impact.

All the .177 pellets are packed in tins of 500. The .22s are in tins of 250.

These new SIG airgun pellets are available directly from SIG right now. We expect to see them becoming available through SIG dealers in the near future.