New SIG Rattler BB Gun

The new SIG Rattler BB Gun is the first BB-firing “long gun” to be offered by SIG SAUER. It will be available at Pyramyd Air within a few days from now. The company offers both pellet- and BB-firing CO2-powered pistols, so it’s logical to see this development in the long gun range.

BTW. The official name is “SIG SAUER MCX Rattler CO2 BB Rifle”, but we’re guessing that many people will know it by the rather shorter name we’re using here.

New SIG Rattler BB Gun

The move to BB-firing allows a number of changes compared to the existing, pellet-firing Rattler Canebrake model. These include 3-shot auto burst capability, folding stock and field strip capability. It’s clear why the pellet-firing Rattler Canebrake cannot achieve these capabilities from this four-part HAM series.

New SIG Rattler BB Gun

The downside is lower power and a lesser shot count per fill of CO2.

So the two Rattler CO2-powered models are positioned quite differently, as we can see from the following table.

Rattler BB GunRattler Canebrake
AmmunitionSteel BBs.177 caliber pellets
Magazine Capacity30 round stick30 round belt
CO2 Capacity12 Grams88/90 Grams
Auto Fire Capability3-round burstNo
Muzzle Velocity300 FPS600 FPS
Folding StockYesNo
Drop-Free MagYesNo

There’s also significant differences between the two models when it comes to size and weight…

Rattler BB GunRattler Canebrake
Overall Length23.63 Inches30.13 Inches
Barrel Length5.5 Inches4 Inches
Weight With Mag4.6 Lbs7.6 Lbs
PCP UpgradableNoYes

In HAM testing of the Gold Award-winning Rattler Canebrake pellet gun, we achieved a total of 290 shots from one 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridge. Even firing BBs, it’s obvious that the shot count of the new gun will be considerably less, even if just down to the smaller, 12 Gram CO2 capacity.

But – there again – 12 Gram CO2 cartridges are usually more readily available in retail stores…

New SIG Rattler BB Gun


There’s no question that the new SIG Rattler BB Gun offers many features that buyers want. It also represents a different model of the firearm original from the pellet-firing version. It’s more compact and does not carry the the faux silencer that’s a part of the pellet-firing Rattler Canebrake.

At a Street Price of $169.99, the new SIG Rattler BB Gun is also rather less expensive than the $239.99 Rattler Canebrake. That will be popular too!

SIG is therefore to be complimented on this new introduction to the range. Hey it’s great to have choices. Maybe you’ll need to buy both…

SIG Sauer MCX Rattler CO2 BB Rifle 0.17
SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake CO2 Pellet Rifle 0.177