New SKOUT Airguns EVO At The SHOT Show 2024

The new SKOUT Airguns EVO was shown for the first time last week at the 2024 SHOT Show. It’s a modified version of the existing EPOCH model that is intended primarily for slug shooting – at least in initial factory configuration.

The EPOCH will continue in production, primarily in pellet-firing configurations and for benchrest competition.

Both the SKOUT Airguns EVO and EPOCH are expected to sell at the same price. The EVO has a target date for shipping of around the end of May, 2024.

Luke Sowinski, Skout Airguns’ Director of Research and Development told me that the EVO is planned to ship first in .25 and .30 calibers. That’s Luke in our heading photograph above.

One externally-apparent change between the the two models is that the EVO has a more compact design that has more than 1/2-Inch less height than the EPOCH. This gives an improved center of gravity for offhand shooting as well as shooting off of large tripods, Luke explained.

Here’s the new EVO…

New SKOUT Airguns EVO At The SHOT Show 2024

And here’s the existing EPOCH…

In addition, there’s a new state-of-the-art electronics package. This includes a full-color OLED display, charging and tool-less battery removal.

There’s also a thinner, more comfortable grip. That’s a prototype grip in the photograph below.

SKOUT Airguns At The SHOT Show 2024

Luke also told me that the EVO is designed for a higher operating pressure. This provides more power for slug shooting, as does the new high power valve.

Other improvements for the SKOUT Airguns EVO include a built-in barrel indexing system, a re-designed, all-in-one compact, bleeder-valve/on-off system and better ergonomics for filling.

There’s also an optional third regulator (for bottle pressure). In addition, the EVO has magnetic retention of the cocking arm.

Ergonomic improvements include a changed pressure gauge placement and a light-weight buttstock, with curved butt-pad for improved ergonomics.

Along with a slight decrease in overall length, there’s an improved arca-rail. This is longer and has more M-lok slots including side mounted slots.

That’s a pretty big list of improvements!