New Tensioned .35 Cal STX Heavy Liner For FX Impact

The new FX .35 Cal STX Heavy Liner and .35 Tensioned Barrel Kits are shipping now to FX dealers. The company says that they work particularly well with FX .35 Cal Hybrid Slugs.

FX explains that extensive R&D and testing has taken place to ensure accuracy and precision in this new .35 caliber heavy liner. The FX .35 Cal Hybrid Slugs work particularly well with this new heavy liner. The liner can be purchased separately and added to any existing .35 Cal Impact.

This testing has also resulted in a new brass inlet on all .35 Cal barrels that will allow for even better accuracy for the .35 liner as compared to the previous design. This new design allows the slug or pellet to seat better in the rifling of the barrel.

Note that the new barrel inlet only works with the updated FX Power Plenum Rear Block. All .35 Cal FX Impacts now have this updated inlet.

Older Impact models will need to have their rear block upgraded to a power block in order to use this new inlet. Older barrels can have their inlet upgraded as well. Your local dealer or FX importer will have more information.

The heavy liner also comes standard as part of the new .35 Cal Tensioned Barrel
Kit. These barrels are available in either 700mm or 800mm.

The tensioned outer carbon fiber sleeve provides rigidity to accommodate the additional energy and vibrations created by slugs. From a barrel harmonics standpoint, the tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement which results in better accuracy and more consistency.

The FX .35 Cal STX Heavy Liner and .35 Tensioned Barrel Kits are shipping now to FX dealers. The new FX .35 Cal Hybrid Slug is also available.

FX Hybrid Slug, .35 Cal, 68 Grains, Hollowpoint, 100ct 0.357

FX Impact STX Caliber-Change Kit, 700mm, .35 Cal.