New – The .457 Caliber Benjamin Bulldog

Now there’s a 457 caliber Benjamin Bulldog.

The Bulldog has been available in .357 caliber for many years. It’s been a very strong seller. Then – at the 2022 SHOT Show – Velocity Outdoor announced that the Bulldog would be available also in .457 caliber.

The .457 cal Bulldog more than doubles the knock-down power of the original .357 caliber version. The Muzzle Velocity is increased from 200 Ft/Lbs to a very healthy 450 Ft/Lbs. That’s achieved by 350 Grain slugs firing with a Muzzle Velocity of 760 FPS. (The 357 shoots 170 Grain slugs at 910 FPS).

New - The .457 Caliber Benjamin Bulldog

The new big bore is very similar to the .357 Bulldog. It has a slightly longer barrel and an onboard HPA cylinder that has 100cc greater capacity. These undoubtedly contribute to the increase in weight from 7.7 Lbs to 8.75 Lbs – plus scope, sling etc, as you’d expect.

The 457 is also fitted with a M18 thread on the muzzle that allows for a suitable silencer to be fitted.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the magazine. The 357’s 5-shot rotary mag has been replaced by a 3-shot “gravity fed” version. The 3-shot capacity of the 457’s mag exactly matches the number of consistent shots that are available from the new Bulldog, says Velocity Outdoor.

New - The .457 Cal Benjamin Bulldog

In addition, Velocity Outdoor has introduced a new range of slugs to accompany the 475 caliber Benjamin Bulldog. These are available in 279 Grain and 350 Grain weights.

New - The .457 Cal Benjamin Bulldog

Velocity Outdoor is listing Ballistic Coefficients for the new ammo as 0.10 for the 279 Grain slugs and 0.17 for the 350 Grainers.

New - The .457 Cal Benjamin Bulldog

Apart from looks, the 457 caliber Benjamin Bulldog shares many features with the .357 cal version. These include a 3,000 PSI fill pressure, side lever cocking that can be set to operate on either side of the gun and the same two-stage trigger.

Street Price for the .457 Cal model is $1099.99. This compares to $859.99 for the .357 model.

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded 0.457

Benjamin .457 Slugs, 279 Grains, Flat Nose, 50ct 0.457