New – The Crosman Icon PCP Air Rifle

The Crosman Icon PCP air rifle is the latest announcement from the Bloomfield, NY-based company.

It’s compact – 38.5 Inches long – and light weight at 7.1 Lbs. Like the long-running Diana Stormrider and forthcoming Umarex Notos, that’s a refreshing change from the length and weight of some PCPs.

Yes, there’s less power and/or consistent shots available with the smaller guns, but it makes them easier to shoot and carry in the field. That’s a big attraction for many shooters. They’re also more suitable for shooters of slighter stature.

Crosman Icon PCP Air Rifle

The Crosman Icon PCP air rifle is to be available in .177 and .22 calibers. As a magazine-fed repeater, it’s supplied with a 12-shot magazine in .177 cal. In .22 caliber, it’s a 10-shot mag.

Muzzle Velocity claims are for the obligatory 1,000 FPS in the smaller caliber and 900 FPS in the larger.

As with the new Benjamin Gunnar, the Icon holds to the “traditional” 3,000 PSI fill pressure. This makes sense to the many PCP shooters or wannabes who would use a hand pump with this airgun.

HAM is glad to see that the Icon has a pressure gauge placed in the underside of the stock, ahead of the trigger assembly. This obviates the need to look “down the barrel” to check pressure, as is the case with an unfortunately large number of PCP air rifles. That’s good for safety!

Hammer spring adjustment is available for power adjustment. In addition, the Icon has a de-gassing capability – an useful safety feature that’s long been a feature of Crosman and Benjamin PCPs.

The Crosman Icon PCP Air Rifle

The Icon has a currently-fashionable black tactical stock. This all-weather stock is ambidextrous. It features a textured pistol grip and forend, while there’s a raised comb to the stock for improved cheek weld.

A fiber optic front sight is fitted, together with an adjustable rear sight. Of course, it’s possible to fit a scope to the dovetail rails on the breech. The short length of the action means that this is likely to be another airgun for which the compact Leapers Bugbuster scope will be a great match.

The Crosman Icon PCP Air Rifle

The two-stage trigger is fitted with a manual safety that’s included within the trigger guard.

The barrel is un-shrouded. However the muzzle is provided with a 1/2 x 20 UNF thread to allow for fitting a dedicated airgun silencer, if required.

Surprises are that there’s no .25 caliber model announced. Nor is the Icon regulated.

The MSRP is $299.99 and it should be available sometime this month.

Crosman Icon PCP Air Rifle 0.22