New Umarex Brimstone Slugs And Pellets

Umarex Brimstone slugs and pellets are the latest types of airgun ammunition to be offered by Umarex USA. Both pellets and slugs are being offered in three calibers – .22, .25 cal and .30 caliber.

HAM readers first heard of the new ammo in our report from the 2023 SHOT Show. Now they’re already available at Pyramyd Air.

CaliberBrimstone Pellet WeightsBrimstone Slug Weights
.2218.67 Grains28.24 Grains
.2533.95 Grains34.89 Grains
.3050.77 Grains60.80 Grains

The company says that Umarex Brimstone airgun ammo “shoots like heaven, hits like hell”. They’re intended specifically for hunting.

New Umarex Brimstone Slugs And Pellets

Brimstone pellets have a traditional domed head, diablo shape. In .22 caliber, they’re available in 250 count tins. The .25 cal version is supplied in tins of 150 while 100 are included in each tin for .30 caliber.

Umarex Brimstone slugs have a hollowpoint nose to promote expansion in the target. In this case, you’ll find 200 slugs in the .22 caliber tin. It’s 150 pieces in .25 caliber and 100 slugs per tin in .30 caliber.

Historically, Umarex USA has been best-known as the US distributor of RWS airgun pellets. Although they have been selling Umarex-branded BBs and – at the other extreme – big bore bullets in .50 caliber for the Hammer, this is a major introduction for the company in the “traditional” airgun calibers.

Umarex Brimstone Slug, .22 Cal, 28.24 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200 ct 0.22

Umarex Brimstone Pellets, .22 Cal, 18.67 Grains, Domed, 250ct 0.22