New Umarex Hammer Carbine Launched At 2023 SHOT Show

Now there’s a new Hammer big bore PCP air rifle! The new Umarex Hammer Carbine was launched at the 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. That’s Scott Faldon – Umarex USA’s Marketing Manager – showing the gun to us in the photograph above.

As you’d expect from the name, the Umarex Hammer carbine is smaller and lighter than the original version. In fact, it’s around 6.75 Inches shorter and 13 Oz lighter than the original “full length” model, factors that will make it more maneuverable and easy to carry in the field.

Umarex Hammer CarbineScott explained that the Umarex Hammer Carbine features a larger HPA tank than the original Hammer. It has a capacity of 35 Cu. Inches compared to 24 Cu. Inches. This helps the new gun to achieve 4 full-power shots per fill, compared to the 2 or 3 of the original model.

That’s good as it means that two, 2-shot magazines can be fired from one 4,350 PSI fill of High Pressure Air. The caliber remains .50, of course.

In my opinion, the biggest improvement is that the Hammer Carbine debuts a new, “sealed” magazine that dramatically reduces the sideways blast of air from around the mag well when the gun is fired. This is undoubtedly a big part of the reason why the Carbine will develop a power level not far below that of the “full length” gun, in spite of the shorter barrel.

Even better news is that the new “sealed” magazine will also work in the original Hammer. There’s a great upgrade for all existing Hammer owners!

When shooting 550 Grain slugs, the Umarex Hammer Carbine is rated for Muzzle Energy of 565 Ft/Lbs. This compares to the 705 Ft/Lbs of the “full length” model which will continue to be available.

Umarex also announced a new range of airgun hunting ammo at the SHOT Show…

Umarex Brimstone Slugs and pellets are designed specifically for hunting. They’re available in the expected range of calibers, as we can see here.

CaliberBrimstone Pellet WeightsBrimstone Slug Weights
.2218.67 Grains28.24 Grains
.2533.95 Grains34.89 Grains
.3050.77 Grains60.80 Grains

The company says that Umarex Brimstone airgun ammo “shoots like heaven, hits like hell”. Critters beware!

Scott also showed me the recently-available Umarex Emerge multi-shot breakbarrel air rifle. This is available in both .177 and .22 calibers and uses this integrated magazine-feed system.

And there was also a Notos sighting! I’m excited about this little PCP air rifle and HAM will make a full test review once Umarex USA is able to send us one for review. They’re selling very fast and I’m not surprised…

Thanks Scott :-)

Umarex Emerge Multi-shot Rifle 0.177

Umarex Notos PCP Carbine 0.22