New Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle And Pump Combo

HAM readers first learned about the new Umarex Origin PCP air rifle in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show, back in January. (Photo above).

Now the Origin is becoming available. It comes bundled with a HPA hand pump as standard. Umarex is positioning it as an ideal entry level PCP and survival and prepper package.

The Umarex Origin PCP air rifle is available in .22 caliber only. It uses an identical 10-shot rotary magazine to the company’s Gauntlet. There’s also a shrouded barrel and sidelever cocking handle.

The Muzzle Velocity specification is up to 1,075 FPS with alloy pellets. Around 26 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy is obtainable with heavier, lead pellets, says the company.

The two-stage trigger releases at about 3.5 Lbs. It’s adjustable for length of travel, pull weight and overtravel without removing the stock. There’s a manual safety lever.

Maximum fill pressure is 3,625 PSI (250 bar). The Origin is filled from the 4,500 PSI-capable, three stage hand pump. As with most hand pumps, it requires simple assembly before use. It’s also supplied with a repair kit and instructions for how do do so, if that becomes necessary.

A fill probe is used to connect the pump’s hose into the gun – as with the company’s recent AirSaber PCP arrow gun.

New Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle And Pump Combo

An useful feature is the provision of an easily-accessible degassing screw in the underside of the stock, ahead of the trigger guard. This allows the Origin to be de-pressurized rapidly and simply if required.

The provision of sidelever cocking is very unusual on an air rifle at this price point. It’s another benefit for the Origin.

Also like the AirJavelin, the Origin is not regulated. The omission of a regulator allows the complete bundle of PCP air rifle, hand pump and two magazines to retail at a very competitive MSRP of $349.99.

The only additional item required is a scope. This is mounted to the built-in Picatinny and airgun-rail equipped breech.

Overall length of the Umarex origin PCP air rifle is 43 Inches. This is combined with a gun-only weight of 6.8 Lbs.

The Origin is not yet widely available in retail stores. However, deliveries are arriving from the factory and you can buy it directly from the Umarex USA web site.

Umarex USA has released two YouTube videos giving more information about the Origin. One is an “unboxing” video describing the combo.

The second is an accuracy test video…

Umarex Origin Air Rifle And Pump Bundle