New Version of The MP40 – The Umarex MP Weathered

Umarex USA has now introduced the Umarex MP Weathered. This is a “battlefield condition” version of the Umarex MP with a realistic “worn” finish.

Mechanically, this new version is the same as the “new condition” version Hard Air Magazine tested and enjoyed so much in its full review in July 2017. We gave it a well-deserved Gold Award, along with the highest score ever awarded to an air pistol in HAM testing.

However along with the different finish, it also includes a realistic replica leather sling.

Disappointingly, it seems as if the front sling bar is still on the incorrect – left – side of the gun. This should be on the right side, opposite to the bolt handle, as can be confirmed by looking at photographs of the MP40 in service.

New Version of The MP40 - The Umarex MP Weathered

The weathered finish has been available in a number of other countries where this BB-firing MP40 replica is sold. We’re pleased to see that it’s also now available in the USA. For many, it will make a desirable BB gun even more desirable!

Legends MP40 BB Submachinegun Weathered w/ Leather Strap
Umarex Legends MP Weathered