New Video on Hawke Airgun Scopes

Airguns of Arizona has just released a new video on the latest Hawke airgun scopes.

Filmed back in September at the 2016 Extreme Benchrest Shoot in Arizona, Brad Bonar from Hawke takes us through a range of the new Hawke scopes.

Brad concentrates on the new Sidewinder ED 10-50 x 60 mm scope. This 30 mm tube scope has interchangeable turrets for alternative values for click adjustment of elevation and windage. It also features extra-low dispersion glass – that’s the meaning of the “ED” in the name. In the video, Brad explains the benefits of this glass in a scope and why it gives a clearer image through the scope.

This new member of the Hawke airgun scopes family also has sidewheel parallax correction down to 10 yards, so you can use 50x magnificantion at incredibly close distances – should you choose.

Brad also the new Frontier range of Hawke airgun scopes, together with new upgrades to the long-running Airmax range.

You can see the range of Hawke airgun scopes at the all-new Airguns of Arizona website.

This is a fast-paced, short, informative video. Enjoy!