New Western Bush Pig Carbine Big Bore Air Rifle

The new Western Bush Pig Carbine is the latest introduction from Western Airguns. Based on the action of the familiar Bush Buck, the new model brings a more compact form factor to the platform.

Like the Bush Buck, the Bush Pig is a .45 caliber, single shot, bolt action air rifle. Both are designed for hunting large game, however, the Bush Pig brings a different feature set, as well as the more compact size.

New Western Bush Pig Carbine Big Bore Air Rifle

The most obvious difference is that the Western Bush Pig Carbine uses an Aluminum chassis stock, instead of the Bush Buck’s traditional wood laminate. This chassis is compatible with “AR-style” pistol grips and stocks – one of each is supplied with the gun, of course.

The chassis also includes a forward Picatinny rail on the underside of the stock, ideal for mounting a bipod if required.

There’s even a manual safety on the Bush Pig! This uses a sear-block mechanism, operated by a lever on the right side of the action. Of course, the shooter can also use the safety method traditional with the Bush Buck: leave the bolt open until you’re ready to fire…

New Western Bush Pig Carbine Big Bore Air Rifle

Another change is that the Bush Pig includes a threaded muzzle brake. This is a dual-function unit. Firstly, it allows a sound suppressor to be installed if desired. Additonally, it is designed to accept and concentrically center arrows for shooting.

So, the Bush Pig can also be used as an arrow-firing airgun where hunting laws allow.

Let’s pause for a moment and compare the feature sets of the Western Bush Pig Carbine, together with it’s Bush Buck parent. First there’s the physical differences.

Bush PigBush Buck
Overall length39.5 - 43 Inches49.5 Inches
Barrel Length23 Inches30 Inches
Weight (No Scope)8 Lbs 8 Oz10 Lbs 4 Oz
HPA Capacity200 cc285 cc
Lower Picatinny RailYesNo

Now let’s compare the performance of the two models.

Bush PigBush Buck
Muzzle Energy (High Power)500+ Ft/Lbs600+ Ft/Lbs
Muzzle Energy (Low Power)300+ Ft/Lbs400+ Ft/Lbs
Shots Per Fill (High Power)22
Shots Per Fill (Low Power)Up To 4Up To 4
Arrow CapabilityYesNo

The Bush Pig’s chassis stock is available in multiple color finishes. There’s black, flat dark earth (FDE), olive drab green and tungsten. That compares to the standard gray laminate for the Bush Buck.

New Western Bush Pig Carbine Big Bore Air Rifle

However, should you want a combination of features from the Bush Buck and Bush Pig Carbine, you should check out the Western Bush Buck Carbine. This model combines the Buck’s laminated stock with smaller physical size of the Bush Pig.

All models are in .45 caliber and are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Compared to the $1,795.00 price of the regular Bush Buck, the Bush Buck Carbine with laminated stock is the same. The Bush Pig is somewhat more expensive at $2,045.00.

Western Bush Pig Carbine (Black)
Western Bush Buck Carbine (Laminate)
Western Bush Buck