No More 1763-001 Marauder Rifle Pressure Tubes

For every product, there comes a time in its life when the manufacturer exhausts its remaining inventory of spare parts. That’s happened for 1763-001 Marauder air rifle pressure tubes. So owners of “Generation 1” Marauders (manufactured prior to 2014) should be aware of this.

Below. Gen 1 Marauders are marked BP1763, BP2263 or BP2563 on the breech, depending on caliber.

No More 1763-001 Marauder Rifle Pressure Tubes

First, we need to make very clear that Crosman – now Velocity Outdoor – has undoubtedly the best record in the mainstream airgun industry for post-sales product support.

The company freely provides parts diagrams and user manuals on its website. It has an extensive network of Crosman Authorized Repair Centers. Furthermore, a wide range of spare parts for current – and recent – production models are available both directly from the company and through resellers.

In addition, there’s a team of knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service representatives who field customer phone calls and genuinely try to help. Yes, you can phone Velocity Outdoor and actually talk to a real person…

No other mainstream – ie not “high end” – airgun manufacturer can match this comprehensive package of after-sales customer support!

However, there are limits and one of them has been reached with the 1763-001 Marauder air rifle pressure tube. There are no more available from the factory.

What Does This Mean To Me?

If you have a “Generation 1” Marauder – a 1763, 2263 or 2563 model – and it requires a replacement pressure tube, it can no longer be repaired safely or correctly with a new 1763-001 Marauder pressure tube.

As with any PCP air rifle, prolonged filling using “wet” High Pressure Air will cause corrosion. By “wet” air, we mean air that has not been passed through an effective desiccant system of some sort that removes water vapor from humid air.

To take one common example: whenever any PCP air rifle is filled directly from a hand pump with no desiccant filter (and frequently changed dessicant) it’s being filled with “wet” air. There’s a full explanation in this HAM article.

Below. Many other parts are still available for Gen 1 Marauders.

In the Marauder, such corrosion usually attacks the Fill Nozzle, Gauge Port and Gauge. It’s particularly pronounced where O rings meet the pressure tube. And here it can lead to rusting of the steel pressure tube. That’s our part 1763-001.

If a 1763-001 Marauder air rifle pressure tube is rusted, a correct and safe repair can only be achieved by using a replacement pressure tube. The pressure tube for Gen 2 Marauders does not fit, so this part (1764-001) cannot be used as a replacement.

Now that this option is no longer available, the gun cannot be repaired in a safe manner – any rusting will inevitably get worse. And who wants to hold a pressure vessel holding 3,000 PSI of High Pressure Air near to their face, knowing that it is weakened by rust? Not me, for sure!

So What Can I Do?

If you’re still the owner of a much-loved Generation 1 Marauder, the best thing is to take immediate steps to fill your gun with “dry” High Pressure Air in future. Add a desiccant filter to your charging system and make sure that the desiccant is changed frequently so that it can do its job in removing moisture from the air.

Below. This is a HPA hand pump with desiccant system (arrowed).

This will not magically prevent or remove any existing rust, of course. But it could well stop it from rapidly getting worse and lengthen the life of the gun.

Of course the Marauder’s instruction manual clearly states that the gun should be filled using “clean, dry compressed air ONLY”. We all read the manual, don’t we? By following this instruction from the get-go, potential, long-term corrosion problems are most unlikely to arise…

Secondly, realize that the vast majority of spare parts for Gen 1 Marauders are still available. This is primarily because they continue to be used in the “Generation 2” Marauder and so are still in quantity production.

Then note that far from all leaking Marauders have a rusty pressure tube. So even if your Gen 1 Marauder leaks, it may still be fixable.

Thirdly, plan for a new, replacement PCP one day…

How Do I Know If I Have A Generation 1 Marauder?

Generation 1 Marauders were manufactured between 2009 and 2013. They all have wood stocks. So if your gun has a synthetic stock, or it’s newer than that – it’s not a Gen 1 gun.

All Marauders have their model number marked on the breech during manufacture. If yours is marked BP1763 (.177 caliber), BP2263 (.22 cal), or BP2563 (.25 cal.), it’s a Gen 1 gun.

The breeches of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Marauder air rifles differ. Gen 1 breeches (photo above) have two socket head setscrews holding the breech down from above – these are ahead of the magazine well. Generation 2 guns have four such setscrews, two ahead and two aft of the magazine well (photo below).

That should do it! But if you’re still confused, I suggest that you contact Velocity Outdoor Customer Service directly for clarification.