Norica Announces Omnia Recoilless Breakbarrel Air Rifle

Spanish airgun manufacturer Norica has announced that they will be showing their new Omnia recoilless breakbarrel air rifle at the 2022 SHOT Show.

Norica is a long-standing airgun manufacturer based in the North of Spain. In fact, the company started waaaay back in 1917.

For 2022, the company is showcasing their ZRS technology. ZRS stands for Zero Recoil Technology. It’s patented by Norica.

Norica tells HAM that ZRS attains the “Holy Grail” of airgun designers by making a piston gun shoot like a PCP. This allows for improved accuracy and the elimination of recoil effects on the scope.

The ZRS system provides a maintenance-free mechanism, Norica continues. It also allows simple disassembly and re-assembly without special tools.

Omnia Recoilless Breakbarrel Air Rifle

The Omnia ZRS is Norica’s first model to include this new system. The gun has a “straight line”-style synthetic stock with adjustable cheekpiece. It also uses an Aluminium compression cylinder – as opposed to the usual steel construction.

The Omnia is being launched in .177 and .22 calibers. Muzzle Energy for both calibers is listed as 17 Ft/Lbs, making the maximum Muzzle Velocity 1,100 FPS in the smaller caliber and 900 FPS in the larger.

Judging from the video below, it seems that the ZRS system has a recoiling barrel assembly. This is different to that of other “recoilless” PCPs, such as the well-known Diana 54, where the entire action recoils but the stock remains static. (Click through on the YouTube link to watch).

Norica is looking for an importer/distributor in the US market. So – if you’re attending the 2022 SHOT Show – and are interested in this opportunity, Norica’s Sales Manager Josu Hernaltes will be pleased to meet you at Booth 70338 in Las Vegas.

In addition to the Omnia recoilless breakbarrel air rifle, Norica also has a range of PCP bullpups. These have Lothar Walther barrels, WIKA gauges and regulated actions.

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