Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

The Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP air rifle is a new addition to the range of airguns offered for sale by Pyramyd Air in the USA. To be precise, the model name is “Norica Viriatus 2.0 BP PCP Air Rifle”.

Norica is a Spanish manufacturer based in the city of Eibar in the Basque area of Northern Spain. The company has been manufacturing airguns for over 100 years – it was actually founded in 1917 – and Eibar has been a center of arms production since as far back as 1482. (That’s 10 years before Columbus’ first voyage to the New World).

Below we see the Norica team at the 2023 IWA OutdoorClassics exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Norica).

Although Norica airguns have been sold around the world, the company has not had a strong presence in the US market until now. However, now Pyramyd Air has started selling Norica models, so they’ll undoubtedly soon be well-known here.

Although Norica has a range of breakbarrel spring/piston air rifles, today we’re looking at the bullpup PCP that’s likely to be of most interest to airgun enthusiasts.

Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

The Norica Viriatus BP has a bullpup configuration with a mid-mounted sidelever on the right side of the action. Available calibers are .177, .22 and .25 cal.

There’s a shrouded, choked Lothar Walther barrel, a high quality fitment that’s mirrored by the use of a Wika pressure gauge. So Norica is not cutting corners on essentials, that’s for sure!

HPA fill pressure is 3,650 PSI for the 340cc on-board air tube. That gives 47 shots per fill in .25 caliber, says Norica. Make that 60 shots per fill in .22 cal and 70 in .177 cal. The action is regulated, of course, with a set pressure of 1,550 PSI.

The external appearance is simple yet stylish, with an ambidextrous stock.

Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

Magazine capacity is 12 rounds in .177 cal, 10 in .22 and 8 in .25 caliber. An interesting feature is the incorporation of a bubble level on the action, to aid in avoiding cant when shooting.

The two-stage trigger is adjustable. It’s accompanied within the trigger guard by the manual safety. As you can see from the photograph below, there’s no chance of missing that safety!

Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

Power specifications for the Norica Viriatus Bullpup PCP air rifle are up to 44 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy in .25 caliber. In .22 it’s 33 Ft/Lbs. For .177 caliber, the figure is 22 Ft/Lbs. There’s an externally-adjustable power adjuster.

The Viriatus ships in a hard plastic case, too. The Street Price is $1.099.99.

Norica Viriatus 2.0 BP PCP Air Rifle 0.25