The Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP Air Rifle.

Another very interesting new airgun development to be seen at the 2017 IWA Show was the Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle.

Nova Vista is a young – 4-year old – company that’s based in Macau. They offer a range of airguns, including breakbarrel and PCP models, that are being distributed through American Tactical in the USA.

But the model that caught my eye was the caliber Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle.

The designer of this innovative product is Mr Zhu and he explained to me that no less than 10 patent-pending inventions are incorporated into this model. That’s Mr Zhu in our photographs for this story.

The idea of a PCP air rifle that can be filled from a tank and then topped-up in the field by a pump built-in to the gun is, of course, not new. The FX Independence has offered a solution like this for some time. However, the way in which this is achieved is said to be what differentiates the Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle from others.

Of course the idea of a self-contained PCP air rifle that can be shot with no concerns for air supply is very attractive. It eliminates the “air anxiety” experienced by all PCP air rifle shooters at some time. With the Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle, there’s no need to carry a separate hand pump or HPA tank around with you.

Below, the tube under the shroud is the second HPA of the Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP air rifle. Details below).

And at a proposed MSRP of $399.00 in the USA, the price of the HP-M1000 compares very favorably to that of almost any PCP air rifle PLUS charging equipment.

The downside is that the air rifle itself is somewhat larger and more bulky than is typical with other PCPs.

The Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle uses a very small main HPA tank – just 22 cc – but combined with a second HPA tank. This can be charged using a separate HPA tank, or pumped-up using the built-in 3-stage hand pump. Mr Zhu tells me that it takes about 50 pumps to fill the main tank to its 200 Bar fill pressure and that this gives 14 full-power shots at 900 FPS in .177 caliber.

He said that just three pumps per shot are required to keep pressure up when shooting.

Nova Vista has also accounted for the need for dry air in PCP airguns. The Nova Vista HP-M1000 multi pump PCP air rifle features a built-in dessicant system actually in the gun itself to achieve this. This is the first time I’ve heard of that idea!

Below. Here it is in the underside of the front of the gun.

There’s a built-in safety valve to prevent over-pumping by enthusiastic users. An important safety provision, and again one that I’ve not seen before on an air rifle!

The pump handle can even be locked in place for safety – or for use as a carrying handle when in […]