Now Available: LCS SK-19 Upgrades

The new selective fire LCS SK-19 air rifle is rapidly increasing in popularity due to its combination of power, accuracy and full/semi automatic fire capability. So now we’re starting to see the first LCS SK-19 upgrades from third party companies.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of these and see the upgrade benefits that are on offer.

1. Increasing Onboard Air Capacity

To date, most LCS SK-19 upgrades are associated with increasing the onboard air capacity for this PCP air rifle. It’s so much fun to shoot that it just cries-out for more air! Here’s what can be achieved…

Caliber/PelletMuzzle EnergyStandard 480 cc BottleOptional 580 cc Bottle2 x 480 cc Bottles With Dual Adapter2 x 580 cc Bottles With Dual Adapter
.22 JSB Monster 25.39 Grain40 Ft/Lb90 shots110 shots180 shots220 shots
.25 JSB King 33.95 Grain56 Ft/Lb75 shots90 shots150 shots180 shots

The SK-19 is supplied by the manufacturer in standard configuration with a 480 cc carbon fiber bottle. Airguns of Arizona also offers an optional upgrade to a 580 cc bottle when the gun is ordered.

Both sizes of bottle are fitted with an onboard valve. This enables them to be unscrewed from the gun while still under air pressure.

So, a depleted HPA bottle can be removed and replaced with another full bottle. This is a quick and easy way to prolong a fun shooting session with your SK-19!

It’s for this reason that Omega Air Cylinders has introduced accessory carbon fiber bottles in both 480 cc and 580 cc sizes.

But what if you could double the gun’s onboard air capacity?

This is where another of these LCS SK-19 upgrades can be useful…

Now Available: LCS SK-19 Upgrades

The Dual Bottle Adapter for the SK-19 from Saber Tactical allows two bottles of either size to be mounted onto the gun. Sure, this is heavy, but that’s what bipods are for, right?

Using the Dual Bottle Adapter with two bottles, the SK-19 now has twice the air capacity on board. Not surprisingly, it now offers double the shot count per fill of High Pressure Air.

But note that the Dual Bottle Adapter does not allow air supply to be switched between the two bottles. This means that both bottles are “live” to the gun. Both therefore fall in pressure together as the gun is fired.

This is not a way to shoot down one bottle so that it can be replaced with another full one, while retaining the second full bottleon the gun at the same time. Once both bottles are depleted, just fill up both together using a separate larger tank or compressor.

2. Backyard Friendliness

The SK-19 has a fully-shrouded barrel. However, it could still be quieter and another of these LCS SK-19 upgrades helps you to do just that…

The Donny FL SK-19 adapter allows a dedicated “airgun only” silencer to be added at the muzzle end of the gun. This provides a 1/2-Inch x 20 UNF thread at the end of the moderator. It works well with the 0dB series of airgun only silencers – says Airguns of Arizona – muting the report to backyard-friendly levels.

That’s it so far. However HAM believes that more LCS SK-19 upgrades will be on the way in the near future…

3. Pellets Or Slugs?

Meanwhile, remember that this air rifle performs best with heavy JSB pellets.

Redesigned JSB Monster 25.39 Grain pellets are recommended for the .22 caliber model. In .25 caliber, 33.95 Grain JSB Exact King Heavy Mark II pellets are the ones to go for.

Now Available: LCS SK-19 Upgrades

Although the SK-19 will fire slugs, it will not deliver best accuracy when doing so. These JSB pellets are still your best choice. Right now, slugs are NOT a good upgrade for your LCS SK-19!