Now For Something Completely Different! The Diana Model 30 Neo

The Diana Model 30 neo is the latest in a long line of highly-specialized airguns that are specifically designed for use in funfairs. Like previous similar models, it shoots special 4.4 mm caliber, copper-coated lead BBs. Yes, that’s 4.4 mm, NOT 4.5 mm.


With a power level of just 1.8 Ft/Lbs, the Model 30 neo is intended for accurate shooting at ranges of 3 to 4 Meters (up to 5 Yards). As a fairground gun, it’s designed to take the use – and abuse – from large numbers of non-shooters having a good time…

Diana explains to HAM that the Model 30 neo is designed to take this level of punishment for a few thousand shots per day without the need for much maintenance. For the shooting gallery owners, this is just a tool with which they earn their living!


That’s why the Diana Model 30 neo is completely manufactured in Germany with CNC-machined steel parts and a quality German barrel. It even has Diana’s renowned T06 trigger and adjustable sights.


Special features of the Model 30 neo are the 120-shot magazine and the remarkable operating handle that sprouts mid-way down the side of the gun. In addition, there’s a mechanical shot counter built-in to the left side of the stock.


The suggested retail price for the Model 30 neo is €1,299 – that’s around $1,333 at the time of this writing. So this is a serious piece of equipment!

As the gun’s designation “neo” (new) indicates, this is not Diana’s first airgun of this type. In fact, Model 30s of various types were manufactured between about 1972 and 2000 – also for use in fairgrounds. More recently, in 2019, Diana introduced another model aimed at the less-busy segment of the fairground market. This was the “Oktoberfest Gewehr” (Gewehr being the German for rifle).

HAM readers found out about this gun in our IWA show report from 2018.


Although both the Diana Model 30 neo and the Oktoberfest rifle both fire the same “Oktoberfest” copper-coated lead BBs, the Oktoberfest model has a lower duty cycle than the 30. The 30 is definitely the heavy duty model of the two.

Needless to say, any sort of regular plastic BB loader would last no time at all for the 30 neo’s user profile. So there’s also a suitably-indestructible BB loader specifically designed to accompany it.


Obviously the Model 30 neo is aimed at the German fairground shooting market. However Diana tells HAM that the gun can be made available in most any country on demand. It could be just the gun for the avid airgun collector who thought they already had everything!

Contact your local Diana importer for details. In the USA that would be Blue Line.