Now Here’s A Useful Product! H&N Slug Sampler Pack

This new H&N Slug Sampler Pack will be a really useful product for many people who are interested in trying slug shooting with their air rifle.

These slugs are for .22 caliber airguns and have an actual diameter specification of .217 Inches. The five types of slug are all in the “Heavy Slug” range and have weights of 30, 34, 36, 38 and 40 Grains.

So clearly, this sampler pack is aimed at those owners of powerful .22 caliber PCP air rifles.

The slightly lighter, 25 Grain, .217 caliber H&N slugs earned a HAM Gold award on test, so we know that H&N can manufacture consistent, high quality slugs – just as they do with pellets!

Given the almost-certain need to test multiple slugs to find the most accurate model for your particular air rifle, this packaging of five weights will undoubtedly be useful for many interested airgun shooters.

So, this H&N Slug Sampler Pack makes a cost-effective way to find that “perfect slug” without the expense of buying a whole tin of each weight. After all, it’s frustrating to find-out after a few shots that a particular weight is not compatible with your gun’s barrel – and you still have most of the tin remaining…

Not only does H&N have one of the widest ranges of airgun slugs in production today, they also have probably the widest selection of slug sampler packs to help you make your decision. That will make a lot of sense to many people.

For .22 caliber guns, there’s now H&N Slug Sampler Packs available in .217 and .218 diameters. There’s also slug sampler packs in .249 and .250 diameters for .25 caliber shooters.

H&N Slug HP Heavy Sampler, .217 Cal., 5 Types 0.22

H&N Slug HP Sampler, .218 Cal., 5 Types 0.22

H&N Slug HP Sampler, .249 Cal., 5 Types 0.25

H&N Slug HP Sampler, .250 Cal., 5 Types 0.25