Now There’s A Compact Prepared 2 Protect Personal Protection Airgun

As personal security issues continue to be of concern, Umarex has added to the P2P – or Prepared 2 Protect – personal protection range.

Now there’s a compact model, the P2P HDP 50 Compact. HAM readers found out about the original P2P HDP 50 model in a previous post. Compared to the original model, the HDP 50 Compact is shorter and lighter. It holds 4 rounds, compared to 6 of the regular model.

Both models are CO2-powered pistols that fire pepper rounds for less-than-lethal self defense – where legal. They can also be used with rubber balls and dust balls for training purposes. This personal protection airgun is similar in basic concept to a non-blowback BB pistol – but with some significant differences.

Here’s what Umarex says about the P2P range of products…

“ P2P or Prepared 2 Protect was developed by Umarex, a family-owned company, with interests in empowering people with the confidence to protect themselves, their families, and possessions without the use of a firearm. Being Prepared 2 Protect offers peace of mind when children are present and firearms aren’t wanted or are prohibited.”

“Easy-to-use quick response activation and multiple rounds provide confidence during intense situations,” Umarex concludes. “Be prepared to protect what matters most.”


The P2P HDP 50 Compact holds four .50 caliber pepper rounds that are launched by the single 8-gram CO2 cartridge stored in the grip.

Most importantly, the CO2 cartridge remains un-pierced until the pistol is required for use. It features what Umarex USA describes as a “split second CO2 activation system”.

This allows the cartridge to be activated rapidly by tapping a piercing screw in the base of the pistol grip. So there’s no worries about CO2 leaking down over time, as might be the case otherwise.

The HDP 50 Compact comes with three 8-gram CO2 cartridges, 10 rubber training rounds, 10 inert powder rounds, and a cleaning squeegee.

Prepared 2 Protect HDP 50 Compact Specifications:

– .50 Caliber Powder Ball Ammo
– 4 Shot Capacity
– Powered by a Single 8g CO2 Cartridge
– Fast Acquisition Channel Sights
– Snag-Free Design
– Compact For Easy Concealment
– Quick Pierce CO2 Puncture System
– Ergonomic, Positive Grip Texture
– Comes with 10 Powder Rounds and 10 Rubber Training Rounds

P2P ammo choices available are as follows:

Pepper – Red and white colored rounds that burst on impact creating a cloud of pepper irritant that can incapacitate threats

Powder – Blue and white colored rounds that burst on impact creating a cloud of powder. Perfect for practice.

Rubber – Rubber rounds are made of a hard rubber that can be used for practice and self-defense. These are reusable.

Note that the HDP 50 pistols are NOT designed to use paint ammo of any kind. Using paintball ammo may damage the product and will void the warranty.


As Umarex points out, there are restrictions, product markings and other requirements in the U.S. that vary by state, municipality or jurisdiction dictating where a Prepared 2 Protect pistol and projectiles can be sold, received, owned, carried and/or used.

Every purchaser is responsible for checking and obeying the state and/or municipality laws that govern their use and/or ownership of P2P products, the company continues.

Take a look at the company’s shipping/ownership restrictions web page for examples of what this might mean where you live.

Prepared 2 Protect HDP 50 Compact Pepper Pistol