Now There’s A New Daystate Alpha Wolf

The new Daystate Alpha Wolf sits alongside the Delta Wolf as a more sporter-orientated electronic PCP. It uses a state-of-the-art computerized and programable action, high-end appointments and power levels up to 95 Ft/Lbs. It also brings new options to Daystate’s catalog of hi-tech electronic rifles

The Alpha Wolf is the second ‘future-proof’ PCP that Daystate has developed, and its launch places it alongside the Delta Wolf in their current line-up of world-leading, user-programable electronic air rifles.

As the Delta Wolf has just received a HAM Gold Award with a stellar 99% score on test, it’s clear that the Alpha Wolf should match that performance…

Now There’s A New Daystate Alpha Wolf

The British company’s investment into computerized airguns means its rolling development program can easily incorporate today’s latest performance improvements as well as tomorrow’s. The Alpha Wolf takes things a step further by offering all this in a stylish, new sporter package.

In short, the world’s most advanced air rifle is still the most advanced air rifle… and it’s now available in two formats!

While still complementing its Delta Wolf bullpup sibling, the Alpha Wolf’s individuality is immediately obvious courtesy of a beautifully sculpted, red laminate skeleton stock. This features an extended forend lip and new-look Picatinny optic rail – still movable fore-and-aft to cater for any day and night vision scope configuration – that is fitted with an anti-cant bubble.

Elsewhere, the Alpha Wolf maintains the high-end features first seen on the Delta Wolf: on-board chronograph, quick-and-easy barrel changes and touch-screen programming. There’s now Windows platform synchronization courtesy of an optional plug-in ‘dongle’, electronic air regulation, double-magazine system and A.R.T barrel.

Now There’s A New Daystate Alpha Wolf

In addition to the adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad, there’s a fully-adjustable trigger and blade, carbon-fibre bottle and multiple accessory rails.

The Alpha Wolf has also been designed to accept a host third-party options and upgrades, such as those from Precision Rifle Systems.

The company says that – as testament to Daystate’s future-proof rifle mantra – the new computerized technology built into Alpha Wolf can also be retro-fitted into its older Delta Wolf sibling.

This includes full functionality across the Hi-Power (US market) and sub-12 Ft/Lb (UK) models.

Indeed, Daystate is offering existing Delta Wolf owners upgrade kits at introductory prices for a limited period. These kits include the sleek laminate thumbhole stock, optic rail and DTD pen drive that allows users to program many elements of the rifle’s firing cycle (such as regulator pressure, power adjustment and caliber selection).

Now There’s A New Daystate Alpha Wolf

Available in sub-12 Ft/Lbs in .177 and .22 calibers and in .177, .22, .25 and .30 in HP models up to 95 Ft/Lbs, The Daystate Alpha Wolf is available from today 12 May 2022.

Daystate Alpha Wolf 23-Inch Barrel
Daystate Alpha Wolf 17-Inch Barrel