Now There’s A New RTI Prophet II

The RTI Prophet II is the latest air rifle from the Slovenian manufacturer. As the name implies, it’s an upgrade to the successful Prophet model that HAM tested in 2021.

The Prophet earned a HAM Gold Award with an outstanding score of 95%. The HAM testers loved it!

HAM readers first learned about the Prophet II in our story from the IWA Show in March. But now there’s more information available and the news that it’s coming soon to Airguns of Arizona.

So what’s different about the Prophet II?

Essentially there’s improvements in three main areas: barrel, valve and breech block. So these are not insignificant changes. The RTI Prophet II looks very similar to the original Prophet, however there’s clearly some big improvements internally.

The company tells HAM that Prophet II models in .22 and .25 calibers are equipped with RTI’s lightly-choked proprietary barrel (RPB) which – they say – delivers improved accuracy with both slugs and pellets.

Now There’s A New RTI Prophet II

The .177 and .30 caliber guns are fitted with choked Lothar Walther barrels.

There’s two barrel lengths, 20 Inches and 24 Inches.

The new breech block includes an integrated 70 cc capacity plenum to increase Muzzle Energy. (The capacity of the first generation Prophet’s plenum was 57 cc).

This operates in combination with a new valve which uses air from the barrel to close faster. RTI explains that the valve opens from zero to full in 1 millisecond. The result is that the Prophet II can achieve high power from low HPA pressures and with great efficiency, RTI says.

The regulator of the Prophet II Performance model can operate at pressures between 80 to 180 bar (1,160 to 2,610 PSI).

In fact, there’s two Prophet II models. The base and the “Performance”. The Prophet II Performance package includes a carbon fiber HPA bottle, adjustable hammer spring tension and the above-mentioned externally-adjustable regulator.

The Prophet II Performance is also optionally available with a tan Cerakote finish.

Calibers available are .177, .22 cal, .25 and .30 caliber.

RTI provides the following performance specifications for the Prophet II Performance with 500 cc carbon fiber bottle.

With regulator set to 180 bar (2,610 PSI) for maximum power:

Muzzle Energy37 Ft/Lbs66 Ft/Lbs74 Ft/Lbs100 Ft/Lbs
Shots Per Fill38353025

For maximum shot count, set the regulator to 80 bar (1,160 PSI).

Muzzle Energy22 Ft/Lbs33 Ft/Lbs44 Ft/Lbs50 Ft/Lbs
Shots Per Fill180170160150

The Prophet II Performance will be available in the USA from Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers.

Prophet II Performance