Now There’s A Selective Fire Western Airguns Rattler 30

Hot on the heels of the new .357 Rattler, there’s a selective-fire Rattler in 30 caliber too! It’s the Western Airguns Rattler 30.

Very similar in size and overall appearance to the .357 model, the Rattler 30 is a 17 shot full- and semi-automatic big bore air rifle. It’s specifically designed for larger game and long range benchrest shooting.

The Rattler 30 can produce upwards of 180 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy for 17 consistently-powerful shots from one fill of the carbon fiber 580 cc air cylinder, says Western Airguns. If required by the shooter, power can be dial down to 50 Ft/Lbs for up to 100 shots, using the externally-adjustable knurled throttle knob just below the high capacity magazine.

If you need more shots, the removable bottle allows for quick changes in the field.

Talking of the magazine, it’s a fixed, rotary design manufactured from Titanium. With a depth of 21mm, it has enough depth to accept some of the longest slugs on the market today, Western Airguns explains to HAM.

Now There’s A Selective Fire Western Airguns Rattler 30

The Rattler 30 uses a US-manufactured TJ barrel. This is a Hammer Forged Nitrate Coated unit that’s producing outstanding accuracy with both slugs and pellets, according to HAM’s information. Sub-MOA groups are possible at 100 Yards, we’re told.

Other features include an adjustable regulator, and a hammerless firing system that’s configured for high shot-to-shot consistency.

The Western Rattler 30 is also equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, together with dual side rails and a Picatinny bottom rail for attaching the bipod.

Like the .357 caliber model, the Rattler 30 is equipped with dual safeties. There’s also a built-in shroud, AR style interchangeable grip, synthetic cheek piece and a comfortable butt pad.

Two gauges are fitted. One displays bottle pressure, the other regulated air pressure.

Airguns of Arizona estimates that the Rattler 30 will be available for late September delivery. The retail price is $2,695.00 and your Rattler 30 can be reserved for a $200.00 refundable deposit.

Western Airguns Rattler 30