Now There’s A Silver Ruger Mark IV Air Pistol

Hard Air Magazine tested the Ruger pellet pistol fairly recently and loved it! But now there’s a choice of finish as a silver Ruger Mark IV air pistol is now available.

Apart from the finish, the silver Ruger Mark IV air pistol is identical to the black version tested by HAM back in February. We though it was great value for money and was a gun with much potential.

It’s a HAM Gold award winner!

But how do you find it for sale? Well, simply go to Pyramyd Air and follow this link to the Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol page.

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol 0.177

On the product web page, you’ll see that there’s a “Select Option” dropdown. There it is!

Silver Ruger Mark IV Air Pistol

As for pricing, the silver version carries a slight premium over the black model. It’s $59.95 for the silver and $54.95 for the black finish.

As stressed in the HAM review, the Ruger Mk IV pellet pistol is a great little gun! It’s a bargain at either price.

Accuracy is very creditable, FPS surprisingly snappy and appearance is a pretty fair reproduction of the rimfire original. Yes, you need to accept that this is a single shot, break barrel airgun, not a semi-auto. But there are benefits of their own in this – like no need for CO2 cartridges.

As mentioned many times throughout this review, the only real downside to the Mk IV is the truly lousy trigger. It’s waaay too heavy and gritty with poor consistency. If Umarex could fix that, they could have an all-time classic on their hands!