Now There’s Hawke Bipods. A New Product Range For Hawke Optics

Hawke bipods and rests are a new product line from the company. They’re available now, the prices are attractive and there’s a strong focus on airgun use!

Hawke offers seven bipod models, all of which have height adjustable spring-loaded legs for fast deployment. Manufactured from lightweight high-grade alloy, they range in weight from 10 to 16 Ounces. These are competitive numbers for such supports.

Six of the bipods attach to your rifle’s sling swivel stud. Available in Fixed, Tilt, or Swivel-Tilt configurations, they also have variable length legs of between 6- and 13-Inches.

This means that they provide shooters stability on the bench or flexibility to compensate for uneven terrain in the field. Rubber covered springs are a bonus to avoid pinching when in use.

If your airgun does not have a swivel stud, Hawke also has a low-cost Weaver/Picatinny rail adaptor that can be fitted to a front rail on the underside of the stock.

Now There’s Hawke Bipods.

For those shooters with a bottle-fed PCP air rifle, the new Hawke bipods range also includes two PCP bottle clamp ring adaptors. (One is for 50mm bottles, the other 60 mm). This allows a bipod to be mounted directly below an exposed HPA bottle, should this be more convenient on your gun.

Finally, there’s also a barrel-mount bipod included in the range. This allows the bipod to be attached directly to a barrel of between 12 and 18mm diameter. It could be a good solution for some CO2-powered airguns like the QB78 and 850.

Hawke’s bipod and rest lineup is a hard to beat great value with MSRPs between $46 and $105.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s also the new Hawke Pro Benchrest. This rifle rest is manufactured from steel and has adjustable rubber feet for a secure level setting on surfaces. The support rods have 2-inches of vertical adjustment.

Now There’s Hawke Bipods.

The rest itself has 360-degree rotation and an additional 2.4 inches of height adjustment. Additionally, the angle can be adjusted from -11 degrees to +26 degrees, meaning you can set it and lock it on the perfect angle and height for your shooting needs.

Whether you’re zeroing in at the range or benchrest shooting, you’re covered. Again the price is attractive. The Hawke Pro Benchrest carries an MSRP of $113.

There’s more details on the range of Hawke bipods on the company’s website at

Hawke Swivel Tilt Bipod, 9-13 Leg Length

Hawke Barrel Mount Bipod, 9-11 Leg Length

Hawke Sport Optics Pro Benchrest