Now There’s A New Windmeister JR-T2

Now there’s a new version of the Windmeister, the Windmeister JR-T2.

First shown at the 2015 Extreme Benchrest competition, the original Windmeister was invented by Tom Granberg. He made this for his own shooting use and then thought that others could be interested. Tom was right. Serious competitive shooters have been beating a path to his door ever since and he’s continued to improve the product.

That original Windmeister was covered in Hard Air Magazine in this story

For competitive benchrest shooters, Field Target shooters, or if you’re into Archery, Tom says that the Windmeister all but circumvents the guesswork involved with traditional windflags.

The Windmeister JR-T2 measures wind from all 6 directions, but ONLY shows how your projectile is affected down range. This means it aids in quicker trigger decision and helps the shooter achieve more consistent grouping on target.

The Windmeister is designed to greatly improve your potential shooting accuracy in windy conditions. Tom says that it’s even better in gusty wind, as he designed the Windmeister to return to zero the very moment the wind dies, or changes direction.

Now There’s A New Windmeister JR-T2

With the new Windmeister JR-T2, many user-requested features have been added, and/or changed to make it more user friendly in the field.

The overall dimensions of the reticle are 8 Inches by 10 Inches, giving easy-to-see markings even at distance. Also included is a Magnus indicator line to aid vertical shift. It has a 1/4 Inch – 20UNC thread to fit on most photographic tripods.

The Windmeister JR-T2 is constructed from Aluminum, Delrin, Carbon Fiber and stainless steel, with a sturdy CNC-machined frame.

Now There’s A New Windmeister JR-T2

The paddle is a balanced free pivoting system, offset axis to enforce correct angle against the wind direction. This, in turn, applies the correct angular force to the rotating assembly. The paddle essentially has the same ability as a windsock, but acting upon a pendulum, it pushes an indicator across a reticle showing the holdover required by wind conditions.

The Windmeister JR-T2 is available from