Now’s A Great Time To Watch Extreme Benchrest 2022 Videos

It’s already more than a month since EBR. Time really flies! So now is a great time to watch Extreme Benchrest 2022 videos. If you were there, it will be a great reminder of the fun times. If not, it’s ideal to see what you were missing – and maybe plan to attend EBR in 2023…

Airguns of Arizona, the organizer of EBR, has produced a number of videos of the event. So grab a coffee, sit back and click on the links below to watch.

In this first video, we see Extreme Field Target action, together with the Big Bore shoot and the new “Steel Scramble” competition that caused so much excitement!

Unlike the trend toward “feature film-length” videos, these videos are sharp and to-the-point.

They give a great insight into the atmosphere of EBR and also links to the companies that sponsor the events. That’s important, because – without these sponsors stepping-up – Extreme Benchrest would not be possible for all of us to enjoy in the enormously professional form that it has become.

The next video takes us to the action in the 50-Yard Benchrest competition. We also see Car One of the headline “Extreme Benchrest” event. This is shot at 75 Yards. The top qualifiers go on to the 100-Yard final!

And let’s give a shout-out to Chris, the guy who produces, films and edits these Extreme Benchrest 2022 videos! He does an outstanding job every year…

The Speed Silhouette is another high-energy event, as we see in the next video!

The main sponsoring manufacturer for EBR 2022 was Daystate. So it’s appropriate that this video should showcase the company…


See you there next year 🙂