Olympia Shot – A New Range Of Airgun Pellets From Poland

Olympia Shot is a new brand of pellets that’s being introduced to the market.

The Czech Republic in central Europe has been a hotbed of airgun developments in recent years. Think of JSB, KalibrGun, Airgun Technology, Altaros and more…

Now you can add Poland into the mix with these pellets. Olympia Shot is located in the town of Ustroń. It’s in the very south of Poland, very close to the Czech border!

Olympia Shot - A New Range Of Airgun Pellets From Poland

Domed Pellets
Domed Heavy.1778.44 Grains
Domed Middle.1777.87 Grain

Olympia Shot is the recent development from a long-established, family-owned manufacturing company. Their new pellet brand was established as recently as 2018.

Now the company has a range of 14 different types, weights and sizes of pellets, mostly in .177 caliber. In addition, the company also produces some 25 Grain slugs of an unusual flat-head design in .22 caliber.

Pointed Pellets And Slugs
Pointed Hobby.177N/a
Pointed Heavy.1779.41 Grains
Pointed XSize.2215.89 Grain
Slugs.2225.0 Grain


Olympia Shot - A New Range Of Airgun Pellets From Poland

The company tells HAM that they use the highest quality machines and components to ensure the best product quality. They use perfectly selected dies, lead wire of ideal composition and technical parameters, they continue.

Lead Free Pellets
Match Pb-Free.1775.5 Grain
Domed Pb-Free.1775.5 Grains

Manual sorting is employed to confirm production quality. There’s also an in-house shooting range where all types of pellets are periodically checked.

Wadcutter Pellets
Pistol Match.1778.02 Grains
Training.1778.02 Grain
Match Heavy.1778.26 Grains
Match Middle.1778.02 Grains
Match Light.1777.33 Grains

Olympia Shot pellets have been available in Poland direct from the factory and selected dealers. Now the company is looking to expand and are seeking distributors in other countries. So you’re likely to be seeing these Polish pellets locally, before long!

There’s more information available on the company’s website.