Omega Super Charger Compressor Repair Videos Available Online

Hard Air Magazine has been using an Omega Super Charger compressor to provide the high pressure air for our test reviews for a year. We’ve been very pleased with this compressor!

Recently it became necessary to add some additional grease to the compressor as a part of regular, routine maintenance. It’s no big deal. Just remove the Grease Supply screw, add some grease from the supply provided with the compressor and re-install the screw. Job done.

But this led me to check YouTube – as we all do – to see what information was available online for the Omega Super Charger compressor. And, for the first time, I found two useful videos of which I was completely unaware…

These videos are part of a series of repair videos produced by Airguns of Arizona and available on YouTube. AoA aims to publish 1-2 videos each month with a focus on particular products until they are completely covered. So, there you will find videos covering Brocock, FX and Daystate air rifles. And, of course, the Omega Super Charger compressor!

AoA tells us that this project was designed to answer basic questions and give users guidance to perform basic repairs without having to ship out their airgun. It’s clear that product support like these videos adds value to the airgunner choosing an airgun based on longevity and ease of service.

Included in this list of videos are two on the Omega Super Charger compressor. The first covers one simple job – replacing a burst disk. But the second shows a comprehensive teardown and rebuild of the complete compressor.

Todd DeOrio from Raptor Pneumatics takes us clearly and logically through these videos. Watching them obviously gives great repair information, of course. But they also give an excellent overview of what happens “under the hood” of the Omega Super Charger compressor and the way the compressor operates.

I found these videos very interesting and thought you would too…