Pending World Record Aoudad Taken With Umarex Hammer In South Texas

The Airgun Hunting Legion has announced a pending world record Aoudad (Barbary Sheep), taken by Airgun Hunting Legion member Shayna M. of Virginia. Shayna’s record Aoudad was taken with an Umarex .50 caliber Hammer in Hondo, Texas.

Shayna’s Aoudad scores 137 & 6/8s gross, making it the official world record for Aoudad in the air rifle category.

“The Aoudad is an extremely tough animal to get close to and to do it with an airgun makes it even more of a challenge. I had the privilege of measuring this magnificent animal first hand and he is a giant,” says Legion CEO, Colin Anthony.

“Shayna is not only breaking down barriers in the airgun hunting community, but also for women hunters around the world. We are very proud to have her as an Airgun Hunting Legion member.”

Says Shayna…“I did not think I would ever be hunting. I was introduced to the sport five years ago and it has become a growing passion of mine. I have only ever harvested small game and now I have moved on to bigger game… I never thought one day I would be a world record holder.”

“In May of 2021, I successfully harvested an Aoudad. This hunt couldn’t have gone any more perfect. My fiancé and I watched the game all day and eventually they ended up making their way down towards us hours later. In those moments, I was shaking and so nervous.”

“I watched the animal take a step forward’” Shayna continued. “I took a deep breath in – exhaled and pulled the trigger. I took the shot 72 Yards downhill. As a hunter these are the memories and opportunities we live for,”

To see Shayna’s pending world record Aoudad visit:

Umarex Hammer .50 Cal PCP