And The Most Popular Airgun Reviews of 2017 Were…

Right at the end of 2017, we can look back at the most popular airgun reviews published in HAM during the year.

Firstly we should say that – as these are the results for the whole year, some VERY popular reviews – like those for the Diana Stormrider, FX Impact and Umarex Gauntlet for example – do not appear in this list, simply because they were only published very recently. They are certain to show-up strongly in the 2018 results, however.

That being said, these are YOUR results. They reflect which airguns you – as HAM readers – were most interested in, overall, during 2017.

The most popular airgun reviews by type:

All of the Top 20 most popular reviews were for air RIFLES. The highest-rated air pistol review was that for the SIG SAUER P320. That came in at the number 25 position.

Next we looked at the Top 20 scores by power plant. The most popular was PCP, of course, with the scores as follows:

PCP air rifle reviews – 11
Breakbarrel – 6
CO2 – 2
Underlever – 1

The most popular airgun reviews by manufacturer:

Benjamin – 4. Congratulations, Benjamin!
Daystate – 2
FX – 2
Gamo – 2
Weihrauch – 2
Beeman – 1
Brocock – 1
Crosman – 1
Diana – 1
Remington – 1
Umarex – 1
Walther – 1

The most popular airgun reviews by model:

And now – drum roll, please – the most popular airgun review of 2017 in Hard Air Magazine was – the Weihrauch HW97K. (Please click the link to read the full review).

And The Most Popular Airgun Reviews of 2017 Were…

Weihrauch also scooped the Number Two position with the Weihrauch HW100. Congratulations to the German company!

And The Most Popular Airgun Reviews of 2017 Were…

In third place was Gamo with the Coyote.

And The Most Popular Airgun Reviews of 2017 Were…

The next places looked like this…

Benjamin Marauder – fourth
Brocock Compatto – fifth
Benjamin Maximus – sixth
Remington Express – seventh
SIG SAUER MCX – eighth
Daystate Renegade – ninth
Benjamin Trail NP2 – tenth
Diana Panther 350 N-TEC – eleventh
Gamo Swarm Maxxim – twelfth
Daystate Regal XL – thirteenth
Benjamin Wildfire – fourteenth
FX Wildcat – fifteenth
FX Royale 400 – sixteenth
Beeman Chief – seventeenth
Crosman 1077 – eighteenth
Walther Terrus – nineteenth
Umarex Octane – twentieth

Thanks to all the HAM readers who read our reviews and made Hard Air Magazine such a continuing success in 2017.

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and a safe, prosperous and healthy 2018!