Air Arms TDR (Take Down Rifle) Now Available With Higher Power.

The Air Arms TDR has always been a great idea – a high quality, compact, accurate takedown air rifle that’s light and transportable. But for US tastes, the power level of 12 Ft/Lbs (about 600 fps with 14.3 Grain pellets in .22 caliber) has always been rather low.

Now, the new FAC Version of the Air Arms TDR overcomes that issue with lots more power!

The new TDR has a claimed muzzle energy of 29 Ft/Lbs in .22 caliber. That’s about 950 fps with 14.3 Grain pellets, making it much more suitable for an easily-portable hunting air rifle.

Takedown is achieved by removal of the buttstock. This way the scope remains mounted on the action, even when the TDR is taken down and packed in its included carrying case.

By the way, FAC stands for Fire Arms Certificate. In the UK, any air rifle with a muzzle energy exceeding 12 Ft/Lbs is treated as a firearm and so required a Fire Arms Certificate.

The Air Arms TDR is available in both .177 and .22 cals. It’s a PCP, of course, with a bolt action and 10-shot clip.

Air Arms claims the new FAC version of the TDR gives approximately 15 good shots per fill.

HAM is planning to test the new Air Arms TDR in the near future. Stand by for our full review…

In the USA, the Air Arms TDR is available from Pyramyd Air, of course.