AoA Launches “We The Plinkers” Initiative. Save $621.00!

New from Airguns of Arizona is the “We The Plinkers” initiative. It’s a range of pre-packaged, high quality airgun products that are available at significant savings compared to purchasing the same items individually.

Not only that, but these package deals include a “We The Plinkers” T-shirt – choose your size – and embroidered patch.

For non-US readers, “We The Plinkers” is a version of the first three words of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. There, in 1776, it read “We The People”. But it’s likely that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. would have approved of AoA’s new version, given that it encourages marksmanship skills!

Even if the first “WTP” package does feature a British air rifle…

AoA explains that “WTP” packages are different as they include really high quality products. This is emphatically NOT the case with many package deals – for airguns or any other products!

So, the first package comprises a regulated Daystate Revere PCP air rifle, together with 0dB sliencer, MTC 3-10×40 scope, Sportsmatch rings and soft rifle case. This gives a very welcome saving of no less than $621.00.


The package is available in a choice of .177 caliber, .22 cal., and .25 caliber. The Daystate Revere, of course, earned a Gold Award with an outstanding 95% score, when Hard Air Magazine tested it.

Look at it this way…

The regulated Daystate Revere currently sells for $1,450.00 at AoA. But the “WTP” package – including scope, rings case and more – totals just $1,579.00. That’s clearly a spectacular offer!

For more details about this special package, check out the video below.

“We The Plinkers” Daystate Revere Regulated Package