Brocock Compatto Production Starts at Daystate

Latest news from Daystate in the UK is that the first production Brocock Compatto PCP air rifle has been manufactured. This was completed as part of a build-up run of 20 rifles – intended to test assembly of the new rifle from production parts.

The new rifle is due into UK shops in early December 2015 after a small delay with late delivery of the new ballistic-nylon stock.

Below is another view of the Brocock Compatto, showing its unique “semi bullpup” styling. As you can see, the trigger is forward of the typical location below the rear of the breech, yet there is still a conventional stock, rather than the “solid” layout of a regular bullpup air rifle.

Brocock Compatto Production Starts at Daystate

The new Brocock Compatto is a new beginning for the company, which became part of Daystate in 2014. The Compatto draws on not only the legacy of Brocock but also its new parent company Daystates’ years of experience in building PCP air rifles. For example, the Brocock Compatto features the Harper parent slingshot hammer system that is featured in many of Daystate’s own high-end PCP air rifles.

Daystate says that – as well as, the new rifle has everything you would expect from a top of the range rifle except a top of the range price; which has been fixed at £589.00 in the UK.

There’s no announcement yet about availabilitry of the Brocock Compatto in the USA.

For more info on the new Brocock Compatto air rifle, go to the company’s website at