Build Your Own Custom Airgun With Pyramyd Air!

Today, Pyramyd Air is launching a new service for enthusiastic airgunners. This allows you to build your custom airgun by selecting from a choice of options right on the Pyramyd Air website.

Available now is your chance to build a custom airgun based on a CO2-powered Colt Peacemaker platform.  First, you start by choosing your base model. This can be a black-frame, pellet-firing Ace-In-The-Hole model. There’s also a nickel-framed Peacemaker that can be had as either a pellet-firing, or BB-firing gun.

Build Your Own Custom Airgun With Pyramyd Air!

Having selected your base model, you start customizing. Each base gun has a selection of options for the hammer, barrel, cylinder, grip and trigger. We started with the Ace-In-The-Hole custom airgun…

As you make your selection, the window immediately shows you what your choice looks like. It also updates the price, as some options cost more than others.

Build Your Own Custom Airgun With Pyramyd Air!

As you can see, the HAM Team chose go go for the weathered look. We selected a weathered fanning trigger, long – 7.5 Inch – weathered barrel, weathered cylinder and trigger with the standard Ace-In-The-Hole grips.

If you want to see what your custom airgun looks like from the other side, the Pyramyd Air website can show you that, too.

So, our custom airgun had a total price of $129.99. Very reasonable for the ability for us to choose our own parts!

Of course, you could go for glitz based on a nickel frame. The choice is yours…

Whatever your choices, your Peacemaker will be custom-built by Pyramyd Air, tested and shipped to you in a black plush bag.

HAM has tested a BB-firing version of the Peacemaker before. It scored well, so we have high hopes for our custom gun when we test it in the near future!

Build Your Own Custom Airgun With Pyramyd Air!

Pyramyd Air has also produced a simple video explaining the customization process. This is a screen shot from it below. Careful observation gives a possible clue to the company’s future plans. Those are Ataman pistol parts!