Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

Another new product from Velocity Outdoor that will be shipping soon is the Bushmaster MPW BB gun. HAM first brought you news of this new, full auto, BB gun in January.

Now we have more details. But first, some advice. If you buy the Bushmaster MPW BB gun, you’ll need to buy a ton of BBs and CO2, together with some spare magazines. It’s that much fun. You have been warned!!!

Mechanically, the Bushmaster MPW BB gun is very similar to the widly-successful Crosman DPMS SBR. Both have that smile-producing full auto feature and both use the same magazine, which contains two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges and 25 BBs.

Both have a strong blowback action, together with realistic size, feel, weight and overall handling.

Finally, don’t forget the shooting glasses with both models, to protect yourself from rebounding BBs. And absolutely do not brandish either the DPMS or MPW in public. It could so easily be mistaken for “the real thing”!

Here’s the all-important fun switch, set to “Rock and Roll”.

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

The Bushmaster MPW BB gun is supplied with a red dot sight and quad rail forearm for accessory mounting. It cries-out for accessorizing, and the Velocity Outdoor catalog encourages you to customize it. So here’s our first try!

The HAM Team added a Leapers UTG Pro bipod under the front end. Then a UTG CQB Red/Green T Dot Sight on top. To raise the red dot sight up for a more comfortable sightline, we installed a UTG Super Slim Riser Mount between it and the gun.

Looks cool, huh???

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

The Bushmaster MPW BB gun is full-featured and – for the most part – feels, operates and field-strips just like a centerfire AR. True, the suppressor is a fake, but a BB gun is not likely to need a functioning can, after all.

The charging handle operates correctly. It latches into place as you can see below.

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

While the ejection port cover is also operational. Just like the DPMS SBR!

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

The magazine holds 25 BBs. Given the full-auto fire rate of up to 1,400 rounds per minute, you’re going to be loading this very often. That’s why it makes sense to buy a spare or two.

The HAM Team also likes to add a drop of Crosman Pellgun Oil to the flat end of 12 Gram CO2 cartridges when they’re used in any BB gun. Not every time, but about every 500 shots or so…

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

Velocity Outdoor also recommends adding a drop of the company’s Silicone Chamber Oil into the BB speed loader each time it’s filled with BBs. Shake the whole assembly around a little before using the speed loader before using it and the BBs feed more readily, apparently.

Bushmaster MPW BB Gun First Look

HAM will be testing this Bushmaster MPW BB gun in the near future. Look for a lot of smiling faces in the Hard Air Magazine office 🙂

Crosman Pellgun oil
Crosman Pellgun Oil