Coming Soon! JSB Hades .177 Cal Pellets

JSB Hades .177 cal pellets will be coming soon! Hard Air Magazine has received some early pre-production samples to examine, as we can see in this exclusive first look at these dedicated hunting airgun pallets.

This is in line with the news bought to you by HAM from the 2020 SHOT Show. Then it was said that – together with a slew of other new slugs and pellets – .177 Hades pellets would be available “in around March”.

These 10.34 Grain Hades pellets have a similar head design to that of the other Hades calibers currently available. That’s .22 and .25 caliber. However, the “body” design is different for each caliber, as we can see below.

JSB Hades .177 Cal Pellets

HAM has undertaken some informal shooting tests with the preproduction sample JSB Hades .177 cal pellets. They have worked well in a variety of air rifles, ranging from an FX Impact, through a Umarex Gauntlet to a Umarex Fusion 2.

The photograph below shows some further views of the pre-production .177 cal Hades pellets.

JSB Hades .177 Cal Pellets

This means that the Hades hunting pellet line-up will be as follows:

– Hades .177 cal. 10.34 Grains weight.

– Hades .22 caliber 15.89 Grains.

– Hades .25 cal 26.54 Grains weight.

Coming Soon! JSB Hades .177 Cal Pellets

You can expect to find JSB Hades pellets available soon from all dealers selling the larger caliber versions. You can also expect to find similar devastating expansion as HAM found during earlier tests on .25 caliber Hades pellets.

Just compare the “before and after” results below. This massive expansion is what gives Hades pellets their outstanding reputation as a hunting pellet!