Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems.

Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems – Louisville Mom shoots recycled moving targets and launches a company!

Tamara Ernster and her young daughters love to shoot BB guns, pellet guns and paintball guns. But they wanted targets that were more challenging than traditional, stationary paper or metal targets. In fact, they wanted inexpensive targets that “moved” and required them to “lead” the targets and react to the target’s motion.

Unable to find what she wanted, Tamara designed and built a motorized target system for air guns. She now has a patent pending on her final product—the Fire Rough Motorized Target System. Her company is now offering customers the ability to buy the systems “factory direct” from the Fire Rough web site.

There are two basic versions of the Fire Rough motorized target systems. And the availability of many accessories allows for many different target configuration.

The self-supporting tripod system is used for open areas or fields where there are no overhead structures (shown below). The second model is a “hanging system” which can be hung from tree limb or other overhead support (seen above in our heading photograph).

Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems

The Fire Rough “factory direct” web site includes many videos and photos of the motorized target systems so customers can see the systems in action. Customers can also customize the systems for various target combinations.

A unique feature of Fire Rough motorized target systems is the use of recycled cans and plastic bottles as primary targets. The recycled targets can be arranged in many different configurations and are in continuous motion. The motion and movement of the targets improve the shooting skills required to hit them.

Below we see closeups of both “hanging” and tripod-mounted Fire Rough motorized target systems in basic configurations.

Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems

Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems

The moving targets are not limited to recycled items. Fire Rough and its customers have found that many different and interesting items can be attached to the system including florescent targets for night shooting.

In an interview with Tamara she noted: “With the high cost of firearms ammunition, many people are using airguns as an inexpensive way to practice their shooting skills. When it’s time to use a conventional firearm, those people will be much better shooters. And, if they use Fire Rough motorized target systems, they will be much better at shooting moving targets. In most shooting situations the targets are constantly moving, so it makes sense to practice on moving targets”.

Tamara added “I love to shoot sporting clays which are always challenging because the clays are in motion. It requires me to lead the clays and anticipate my shot. I wanted to accomplish something similar for airguns and I wanted the targets to be inexpensive. There is nothing less expensive than recycled cans and plastic bottles and they make great targets when they are in motion. With inexpensive airgun ammunition and inexpensive targets, my kids and I can shoot all day. It’s a lot of fun and action for little cost.”

According to Fire Rough, Fire Rough motorized target systems are designed and built to be durable. The motorized target systems are said to withstand the impact of BBs, pellets up to .22 caliber and paint ball guns.

Another key feature of the Fire Rough system is the power source. The system will run for 2 to 3 days on a single D cell battery. Future models are being designed with a solar power option!

For more information about Fire Rough and its products you can visit