Gamo Coyote Black Whisper PCP Air Rifle – First Sighting



Just as the new Gamo Coyote is making its appearance in the USA, there’s indications of a second version of this new PCP air rifle.

The Gamo Coyote Black Whisper air rifle has been advertised by Gamo in the international trade press.

Like the regular Coyote, it’s said to be available in .177 cal as well as .22 and .25 calibers and the basic action is obviously the same.

As a reminder, the regular Coyote looks like this.

Gamo Coyote PCP Air Rifle First Impressions Review

Differences between the Gamo Coyote and the Gamo Coyote Black Whisper appear to be these…

1. Stock. The regular Coyote has a wood stock of fairly traditional Monte Carlo profile. The Gamo Coyote Black Whisper has a synthetic thumbhole stock with adjustable cheek piece.

2. Silencer. The Coyote Black Whisper has an integrated barrel-end silencer. The regular Coyote has no silencer, but the barrel is threaded to attach one.

3. Scope. The Coyote is sold without a scope – so the choice is up to the owner. The Gamo Coyote Black Whisper is shown with a scope in a solid one-piece mount. This MAY indicate that it will be bundled with a scope for sale in some countries.

4. Availability. The regular Coyote is available now in the USA and has been available in Europe for somewhat longer. There’s no date given for availability of the Coyote Black Whisper.

As always, HAM will keep you in touch as we find more.